Users' documentation for rTDT in Matlab


The archive rTDT contains the following M-files:

  1. rTDT
  2. EnesTrios
  3. EmesTrios
  4. IsAChild
  5. NonMissingSNP
  6. IsHetero
  7. IsHomo1
  8. IsHomo2
  9. GetMajorAllele
  10. Father
  11. Mother

The main function rTDT needs as an only argument a table with SNPs values. The rTDT function returns a table with Chi-Square for TDT and rTDT, p values and all the quantities needed to compute these values.

Input for the function rTDT

SNP dataset, one row per individual, 7 + 2xTotalSNPs columns, with TotalSNPs being the number of SNPs. Each column must contain an integer.

Description of columns:

Output for the function rTDT

Table robustTDT, with one column per SNP, then there will be TotalSNPs columns.
The table has 45 rows.

Description of rows:



Sebastiani, Paola; Abad, María; Alpargu, Gulhan; Ramoni, Marco
Robust Transmission/Disequilibrium Test for Incomplete Family Genotypes
Genetics, Vol 168, 2329-2337